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Government Storage Solutions

Municipal, County and State Law Enforcement Departments have unique challenges for specialized storage that can include limited physical space and high security requirements.

Aurora has many secure and space efficient solutions for the special items crucial to law enforcement, the military and the criminal justice system.


Storage solutions for government and public safety

Public Safety

With a wide range of special equipment, each public safety department or agency has unique requirements. We provide shelving and storage options that can meet various needs.

Our storage solutions can accommodate items large and small as well as odd shapes. Whether it is storing gear, emergency medical supplies or tactical equipment, we help keep it organized, secure and ready for immediate use.

The ability to secure an entire area or just one storage unit makes our products ideal for evidence and weapons storage. We also have plenty of options to keep it secure yet accessible.

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Storage Options


There are a variety of types and sizes of shelving to maximize your space. Mezzanine shelving utilizes vertical space and mobile shelving maximizes the floor space.

Wire Cages

Wire cages provide a secure location to store evidence and large objects or materials. The wire mesh opening size can be customized and additional components can be added to create the best storage solution for you.


Metal lockers come in a variety of sizes and can be vented or not vented. There's plenty of space for helmets, weapons and personal property.

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