A variety of shelving options giving you the flexibility you need

Shelving Solutions

Shelving units help keep your workplace organized so materials and information are at your fingertips. The helps make employees more efficient and increases productivity. Proper shelving solutions can also maximize your space.

At ASR Systems Group, we know each business is unique. We provide custom shelving and storage solutions to meet your business needs. Although we offer stock shelving options that may work for you, we want to make sure you are optimizing your space and your workflow. We can tailor a solution for you or design one from the bottom up.

We provide high quality shelving that is sturdy, reliable and adjustable. There are a variety of shelving units to choose from to accommodate a wide variety of storage items. Whether you have small components, heavy containers, massive file folders, liquids, boxes, odd shaped products or all of the above, we can help.

Shelving solutions for a variety of materials

Use 60% Less Space

Conventional four-drawer vertical files holding 1,500 linear inches of material would take up 100 square feet of floor space while L&T Shelving only needs 40 square feet. That’s a floor space savings of 60%.

Shelving unit with folders

Shelving for Filing

L&T Shelving provides the highest filing density per square foot and can be configured to offer single or double-sided access for easy filing and retrieval. There are a wide variety of components and configurations to build or expand a system to meet your filing needs.

Before making any recommendations, we work hard to understand the specific needs of a company and its industry. The best solution takes into account the quantity of files, the types of items going in the files and the space where the shelving will go. Then we organize every system in a way that ensures the fastest retrieval of the files and their contents.

Not only are the shelving units important but also the folders, labels and organizational accessories are essential.

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Shelving Solutions for All Materials & Industries

Medical Shelving for X-Rays

X-Ray Shelving

Our shelving units can handle oversized diagnostic records and x-rays. With extra high 12-inch dividers or optional full-height bin dividers materials stay safely upright and organized. We can help you configure the perfect shelving system for all your records and documents.

Library Shelving solutions such as the shelving in this photo

Library Shelving

L&T Library Shelving offers a unique double-wall panel upright design for easy access to books and periodicals. It also helps protect books and other items from damage. There are a wide variety of options, including reference shelves, dividers and periodical shelves.

Heavy duty shelving options

Heavy Duty Shelving

L&T Heavy-Duty Shelving can be configured to hold up to 1,000 pounds per shelf. The sturdy 18-gauge shelves can hold heavy stockroom items and products as well as industrial storage. Optional reinforcements are available as well as full-height bin dividers for small loose items.

Limitless Storage Options with Modular Drawer Organization

Store 50% more with modular organization.

The L&T Modular Drawer System offers versatile dividers for easy storage of diverse sizes. Store about 50% more small items by using modular organization. It also makes parts or other items easy to find and access. The drawers ride on a fully progressive side-arm suspension, giving them a smooth glide. They are rated for up to 200 pounds per drawer.

Modular storage dividers for document storage

Forms & Documents

Specialty Documents

Keep odd-size forms and documents organized and easy to access.

modular storage dividers for audio and video equipment

Audio & Video Equipment

A/V Materials

L&T offers storage solutions for audio/visual materials, making them easy to access.

Computer accessory storage drawer

Media & Computers

Media Accessories

Store equipment needed for computers and media devices.

Display collections and artifacts in these convenient storage drawers

Collections & Artifacts

Unique items

Find the perfect storage for unique items.

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