Movable Shelving

Maximize & optimize your space

Movable Shelving Solutions

Maximize your storage space with movable shelving that keeps your materials accessible and organized. A high density Kompakt® Mobile Storage solution can save up to 65% of floor space required with traditional storage or more than double capacity of existing floor space.

The Kompakt® Mobile Storage System accepts virtually any type of new or existing shelving and is available in a variety of configurations for a variety of storage applications including files, boxes, books, binders, artifacts, valuables, collectors’ items, uniforms, guns and weapons, sports equipment, towels and laundry and much more.


More Than Double Your Storage Capacity

Mobile Storage can take up to 65% of floor space required or more than double capacity in the existing floor space.

Diagram illustrating space savings with movable shelving

Movable Shelving Benefits


Sturdy: Durable steel construction to hold heavy items & last for years to come


Secure: Use Mechanical, electronic or biometric locks to restrict access & keep contents safe.


Flexible: Adjustable shelving, dividers and modular compartments let you configure a system that works for you.


Functional: Movable shelving allows you to store a large number of items yet have them at your fingertips.


Customizable: Get a customized solution with a combination of shelving units designed to meet your needs.


Unique: Choose from a variety of finishes or brand your shelving solutions to make them more appealing.

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Shelving Solutions for All Materials & Industries

Movable shelving for office storage


Documents & supplies are easy to access, take up less space and are organized. 

Healthcare movable storage shelving units


Secure locking systems that are manual, electronic, or biometric will help simplify HIPAA compliance.

Shelving and storage examples for museums and libraries

Library & Museum

Libraries & Museums

Manufacturing Storage shelving


Save space and make more room for operations.

Automotive movable shelving for storage


Organize parts and supplies for easy access for employees and prompt customer service.

Sports and athletics shelving solutions


Adjustable shelves & compartments accommodate any shape and size of equipment.

Shelving for storage of weapons, tactical gear

Public Safety

Keep weaponry, evidence and tactical or emergency gear safe and secure.

Shelving and storage for Government documents


Save space and securely store documents and equipment needed to run various government offices.

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